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WATCH volunteers monitor over 5,000 hearings each year in Hennepin County courts to ensure that women and children best interests are kept in mind.


WATCH is the only source of 3rd party unbiased feedback for Hennepin County judges to use to improve the court room experience for victims of violence.


WATCH is the only organization in MN that produces data driven recommendations to policy makers that lead to true change in the judicial system.

What people think of WATCH MN

I thanked WATCH for caring enough about the court to criticize it, because that is the only way it will improve."
District Court Judge
Because of your work [research on strangulation], we are able to make recommendations about the importance of such specific criminal provisions in other countries…
Women’s Human Rights Program Director
WATCH is a national treasure.
US Senator Amy Klobuchar
I realized I had as much right as anyone to be in the courtroom, and that has translated into me feeling I have rights in other areas of my life, too.
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